Stroke Efficiency IndeX

Our proprietary GOLFJAM Stroking System is World Renowned

for fair play amongst our varied membership.


Our stroking system is quick, easy, accurate and #1 Fun.

To attain a Stroke Efficiency Index simply play golf.

Play as many holes as you would like ALL in 1 (One) 24 Hour period.

Using par for the course as your guide, count your stroking in whole number form over or under "Par".

Do not count more than plus 3 on any given hole.

Select your best six (6) holes.

Do the math.

In the event your solution is a negative number (-1 or greater) divide the total number of holes you played by 6. Take that and the round time and....


We are currently developing a video series to clearly introduce you to this groundbreaking system. Join Now to learn more.